Clients Will Happily Pay $3000+ For You 
To Write A Letter Just Like The One You’re About To Read... 
How To Make 6-Figures A Year Writing Letters Just Like This
Dear friend, 

The letter you are about to read right now will very likely generate more than $100,000 in sales (I’ll prove why that prediction is accurate in a second)

It only took me half an afternoon to write, and half a morning to edit.

It isn’t perfect - I’m sure typos exist somewhere - but it will be profitable. 

It doesn’t utilize any “ninja hacks” or “literary prose” either. 

It is written like I speak because I’m not typing this at all. 

Instead, I use a transcription program called Dragon Naturally Speaking to speak this letter outloud (yes, just like Winston Churchill used to do every morning in bed minus the hired typist and obscene amounts of alcohol).  

The design is ugly, it requires reading a lot of words in a world of 6-second attention spans, and at first glance you’d think “there’s no way this kind of stuff actually works to make sales”, but… 

… it does, and it works really, really well.
$47,500 From A Simple Letter 
Just Like This One
A few months ago, inside my Triple Point program for advanced copywriters, I sat down and wrote a sales letter following a 7-point "Block System" for writing which I’ll tell you more about later. 

It took me about 2 hours to complete the letter - I filmed it live in front of the students late on a Thursday night. They saw me not only type every word, but create the thing I was selling right in front of their eyes. 

To be honest, if I wasn’t typing the letter (normally I speak it), and if I hadn’t been doing it live while answering questions and speaking my thought process outloud, I think it would have only taken me about 45 minutes to an hour to complete the same letter in solitude. 

Anyways, less than 48 hours later, that short little sales letter generated more than $25,000 in sales for myself (I was selling my own product)... and one week later totalled more than $47,500 in sales and counting. 

It continues to generate new leads and sales without any additional input from me.
That’s Exactly Why Clients 
Love Paying For Letters Like This
Think about this: 

If you were able to generate $25,000 in revenue for a client in just a week or two by writing them a letter like this, seems fairly reasonable they’d pay you $3,000 for the thing that brought them all those sales, right? 

Especially since the letter you wrote one time… 

… they get to use again and again and again, generating sales consistently for as long as they desire to use it.  

In other words, they aren’t just paying the $3,000 for you to write a letter, they are paying the $3,000 for you to create a business asset that keeps providing returns over and over, sometimes for years to come. 

I have clients who hired me to write a letter like this back in 2012 and they continue to use it to generate sales to this day.  

(SIDENOTE: This is the little “secret” of Freelancing that nobody really talks about… if you learn skills that bring big results to clients, they pay you big. Therefore, the more you uplevel your skillset, the more likely you are to get paid more.) 

You see, most people go into business to follow a passion. They want to be a coach, or they want to sell organic dog food, or they want to be a lawyer that defends marginalized peoples… 

… for 99% of business owners, the idea of having to sell their services/wares/products to others is like a nightmare come to life. They simply don’t like doing it. 

That’s why, if you’re the one who shows up and says, “let me write you a simple letter that you can use to do all the selling for you”... you are a hero in their eyes. 

You are saving them from:  
So, you can clearly see why having this skill and offering it to others is about way more than just typing words on a screen… it’s about helping humans to grow the businesses they love by addressing the elephant in the room and helping them to stay profitable. 
A Simple Business Model
For Reaching $100,000
Lemme give you another example of what kinds of results you can generate with simple little letters like this:  

Here’s a screenshot of all the revenue I’ve earned off of a short letter that I wrote for myself about a year ago:
That’s $102,989, all coming from a single program that I sold a few times - for less than a week each time - before finally shelving the product for good. 

For those of you that have been on my list for some time, do you remember how I sold that program? 

Just a sales letter. 

Exactly like this one. 

That’s it. 

No fancy webinar funnel, no phone-to-phone sales, no having to trick or convince people to buy. I didn’t have to show my face, create a presentation, or talk to anyone. 

I wrote the letter, sent some emails, and went outside to let the system do the work for me. 

And yet, I still sold more than 271 copies of the program from that one short letter I wrote nearly a year ago. 

That’s all it takes if you know how to craft the perfect sales message that gets people to buy something valuable. 

Imagine, being able to do something like this for a client... 

... being able to be THAT person who comes into a business and creates an asset that could potentially generate $100,000+ in revenue with just a few words on a screen. 

Pretty cool, right? 

That’s been my life for the past 10 years... doing exactly that for amazing clients who are happy to pay well for the words I write on a screen. 

Eventually, when you are ready, you can follow my path as well and shift from ONLY writing these letters for clients, to eventually writing these letters for yourself. Launching programs or products and having them sell 24/7 just because of the static words you wrote in the form of a letter like this. 

But, before we get too ahead of ourselves...
You Don’t Have To Be J.K. Rowling 
To Write A Letter Like This
And Generate Sales For Yourself 
And/Or The Clients Who’ll Hire You
Frankly, if given the right training and tools, you could write a profitable letter like this and generate sales for yourself or clients within the next week or two. 

I know it can be done because back in 2012 - 2014 I ran something I called a “copy shop”. 

I would go out and get clients with high volume needs for letters like this, and I put together a crack team of writers who would help me fulfill all of the orders. At one point we were writing 2 - 3 letters like this PER. DAY. 

Every single one of the writers I hired for that business were brand new, totally fresh, and lacked ANY experience writing pieces like this. They had ZERO sales experience, and had never even had a real client before. 

Out of necessity, I developed an ultra-fast system for taking these fresh faced writers and turning them into competent copywriters in just a few weeks time. From scratch to turning sales for clients with just a few shortcuts and frameworks that work. 

Some of you know Peter Manktelow, one of the now-expert copywriting coaches in our high level training programs. When I first met Peter, he was writing blog posts for beer money as a side hustle, not making a ton of money, but loving the writer life. 

He was one of the very first people that I put through this system. He and I wrote literally hundreds of sales letters together - at wrist breaking speeds - earning multiple 6-figures helping clients sell their stuff online. 

Now, let’s get real here for a second... 

This system that I developed did NOT produce the best ever copywriters to walk the face of the earth. We were NOT writing $15,000 direct response copy packages. We never claimed to be the best of the best, but... 

... our clients didn’t want that anyways. 

They didn’t want to pay $15,000 for a diva copywriter. They just wanted “workman’s copy”. Stuff that worked. Stuff that generated sales. It may not have been the prettiest, but it got the job done and 100% of the time generated a positive ROI for our clients. 

So much so that we were doing $60,000/month in client work each and every month, like clockwork. The demand was so high that I eventually sold that business to one of the writers I had trained and he still continues to run that business to this day. 

Since I first trained Peter with my super-fast system for taking fledgling writers and turning them into skilled sales letter copywriters, he has invested in his own education and gone on to a very lucrative career with more advanced training. 

These days, Peter commands a minimum of $12,500 per month per client for his copywriting skills. 

What my system did was help him to get started, and to get started FAST (within the first 2 weeks we worked together he was writing sales letters for clients)

I can’t promise you that you’ll eventually earn the kinds of fees that Peter charges for his writing, but if you are willing, I can put you through the exact same system that got Peter (and many others) started in their copywriting careers earning multiple thousands for a single letter like this. 

More info further down on how to get access.

What Kind Of Clients Enjoy Paying Thousands Of Dollars For A Simple Letter?
Here’s a snapshot list of companies that have hired me for multiple-thousands to draft letters like this to sell their stuff:
Just today, as I was writing this letter, I received a text from the president of a venture backed software company currently doing $50,000,000 a year in sales. Wanna know what the text said? 

“Can you make me another one of those money pages again?” 

And here’s a list of companies that my personal friends who write sales letters have written for: 
The basic rule of thumb is: 

If the company sells things online... they need a good letter like this to get them to do it.

Which means... 

... if you can imagine a niche, they need a letter like this to help them grow. 

Letters like this are the secret engines of the online economy. You may have seen them before and had no idea how powerful they could be, and that people actually get paid a lot of money to write them.
A Skill You Can Improve 
Over A Lifetime
Perhaps the best part about learning how to write letters like this is that you never stop learning how to get better. 

Like I said, what I can teach you is the starting point. You’ll be good enough to command a few grand for a letter like this, but... 

... that’s just the very tip of the iceberg. 

One of my personal copywriting mentors earns more than $100,000 for writing a sales letter like this (he also charges me $25,000 every 6 months just to be his student... and it’s worth every penny)

Clayton Makepeace, one of the grandmasters of copywriting, earns more than 7-figures per year in personal income all from writing promotional campaigns which start with (or at least include) a letter just like the one you are reading right now. 

Copywriters like this have a name: 


And they are in high demand, command crazy fees, and absolutely debunk the myth that “writers are poor”. 

Can I teach you how to get paid $100,000 for a sales letter and become an A-list copywriter by next week? 


It takes decades of honing and perfecting the craft of writing and deep diving into how the human brain works and what makes people take action... especially buying action. 

The good news is that you don’t need to be an A-lister to be a profitable, 6-figure per year earning copywriter. Not every business can afford to hire my mentor for $100,000. Not everyone can fit on Clayton’s calendar. 

What the market needs more than anything right now are journeyman writers, people who are committed to doing great work, want to write letters that generate sales, and who are able to do it quickly and efficiently. 

According to the Small Business Administration in the United States, more than 627,000 new businesses start each year! 

And every single one of those businesses need one thing to ensure their survival: 


That’s why, if you have the ability to generate sales by writing letters like this, you’ll never go hungry for work as a copywriter. There is simply too much demand for skilled sales writers who can turn words on a screen into sales in the bank. 

What I can teach you is how to get started in this very lucrative work, and to be “one of the good ones”. I can teach you how to be a writer who converts strangers into buyers by typing words on a screen. 

I can arm you with enough of a head start that you can generate real and measurable results for clients, the kind of results that make them happy to pay thousands of dollars for you to write.

A Proven System For 
Writing Letters That Sell
I’ve been writing letters like this for a decade, and for 8 of those 10 years I’ve earned at least $250,000 per year as the person who helps my clients sell their stuff online with words. 

Not only have I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal training, mentorships, masterminds and more to increase my writing skills... 

... but I’ve put my money where my mouth is and I’ve invested more than $1,000,000 in Facebook ads running traffic to letters just like this one and turning a profit 100% of the time. 

But that’s not even what makes my methods unique.

You see, I’ve also had some epic failures. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve learned the hard lessons, the ones they don’t teach you in most “how to be a copywriter” training programs.

That’s why my methods work so well for writers and copywriters who aren’t yet earning $3,000 a sales letter. It’s the same reason why I was able to take this simple process and train more than a dozen newbie writers to produce $60,000 a month in client work during my “copy shop” days. 

I’ve distilled a decade of experience alongside the wins AND the losses, and I’ve created the world’s most simple, yet effective, copywriting training program for creating high converting sales letters. 

And I’ve conveniently packaged up my system into an easy to follow program which I’m (unironically) offering for sale today here in this letter.
The Letter System
For the first time ever I’ve “productized” my one-on-one system and created a top-to-bottom, soup-to-nuts online video program sharing every detail of my proven letter writing process. 

You’ll get every ounce of what used to be private access only for those writers I trained to work in my “copy shop” or in private mastermind groups where I’d get invited to speak. 

Now, through step-by-step modules - with worksheet exercises, templates, and additional tools - you’ll have the ability to write letters that sell... for yourself or for pay as a hired letter writer to well paying clients. 

You can purchase access to that exact training program today, but first, here’s a peek into what you’ll learn once inside:
Actually, let me pause for a moment here because…
Even If You Hate Selling
You Can Still Write Incredibly Effective Letters With My System
Look, I’ve been doing this for 10 years and I’ve helped more writers break into the field than I can even keep count of anymore. 

Every single one of those writers:
And to every single one of them I said… “good”. 


Because, even though the purpose of writing these letters is to sell products and services, with my method you don’t actually “sell” anything. In fact, why my letters (and the people who learn to write them) continue to succeed beyond expectations is this simple fact: 

It's not about sales, it's about understanding people. 

When you sign up for The Letter System today you’ll discover what I mean when I show you:
One thing I can promise you: 

This is unlike any other copywriting/sales letter writing training you may have ever experienced before. 


Because 90% of the people who teach writing sales letters come from the "hard" niches of Make Money Online, Investing/Day Trading/Precious Metals, and Dating. 

Not me. 

I cut my teeth as a copywriter in the trenches of personal development writing copy for some of the biggest names whose brands would have been DESTROYED if I had used high pressure sales tactics to sell their products. 

And yet, over the past decade I've generated millions in sales in niches beyond just personal development all while using the same principles and philosophies I'll teach you in this program. 
Everything You Need 
To Create Letters That Sell
In order for you to be able to replicate my Letter System and get similar results to what I am able to produce, you need more than just training. 

You need tools. 




That’s why, when you buy The Letter System today, I’ll give you:
This isn’t just a series of online video lectures, this is a system that includes the tools you’ll need to get the job done well for your clients.
Plus, Never Before Shared Client Getting Strategies That Work
It's one thing to learn how to write sales letters, but if you can't get clients... what is the point? 

So, as part of this Letter System, I'm throwing in some never before shared client getting strategies that you can use to land clients. 

This is NOT cold emails... 

This is NOT building an email list (though that is STILL the #1 way to get clients)... 

This is NOT about building funnels... 

I'll be revealing two brand new strategies that include:  
I will not be sharing these strategies outside of this course as they are ultra-high value for letter writers ONLY. 

The best part... 

... every single strategy that I share requires ZERO marketing or ads spend. These are 100% free methods for landing more clients than you can handle (if you actually do them and do them consistently). 
$1,635 In Free Stuff
You’ll Get When You Order Today
If you’ve been on my list for any length of time, you know that when I sell you stuff one of the first questions I ask myself is: 

What else would they need to be as successful with this training as possible? 

So, when you order The Letter System, I’m gonna throw in the following additional tools and training 100% free of charge:
Fast Action Bonus
If you purchase before  Friday, Sept. 18 at 11:59 pm Pacific, I’ll be including not one, but TWO Fast-Action-Bonuses.

The first is my Year End Planning Process… basically, how to plan your way to success.

It’s my proven process for creating a plan that makes sure you hit your business goals, because they’re built straight into your operations plan for the year.

The second is the 15 Ways To Double Your Profits masterclass.

Paired together, you’ll have everything you need to double your profits not only once, but a few times over, using your brand new Letter writing skills and a proven plan to make it happen.
BONUS #1. Step-by-Step Client Getting Training
Instead of droning on about how in demand copywriting services are, I’m going to prove it to you in this program. 


By showing you a step-by-step process to getting your first client WITHOUT having to send cold emails (this is NOT Fast Client Getting Workshop… totally new and different), without having to spend money on ads, and without having to even have a website! 

I’ll show you how to use social media + a few key websites to land your first sales letter gigs with minimal effort. 

DISCLAIMER OF TRANSPARENCY: Copywriters are in high demand but clients don’t just fall out of the sky. You will need to put in some work to generate the work, but it’s likely a lot easier than you think. 

Normally, $495, yours free when you order today!
BONUS #2. Money Upfront Proposal Strategy
Many years ago I used to create proposals for clients without charging them for it. Big mistake. 

More often than not, they’d look at the proposal and bail on the project. Tons of wasted time and energy for zero return. 

These days, I charge my potential clients a minimum of $295 just to have me look at their stuff and make recommendations (a slight tweak on the traditional proposal). The best part is that my prospective clients LOVE these “Audits” and happily pay the $295 for me to do them. 


Because they are a value first approach to selling. In other words, I’m not charging $295 just so I can pitch them, instead, I’m using the opportunity to show how I can add value… by adding value! 

More than 80% of the clients who pay the $295 for an “Audit” go on to hire me for further client work, the majority of which end up becoming monthly retainers for ongoing work. 

Normally, $495, yours free when you sign up today!
BONUS #3. 7 Habits Of The Wealthy Writer Audio Training
In June of 2018 I was invited to a high-end copywriting mastermind in New York where I was asked to speak on wealth creation habits for writers. The mastermind included some of today’s most well known and respected copywriters who were earning substantial incomes from their work and wanted to ensure long term success into the future. 

Between my Freelance copywriting work, the fiction that I write, and now the work I do with No Pants, I’ve been able to sustain a 7-figure per year net income using nothing more than the power of the written word. In that respect, I’ve qualified myself to say a few things on wealth creation through the craft of writing. 

I’ve obtained permission from the owner of the mastermind to re-record that training, along with additional insights, to share with you as part of this program. 

I will not ever sell these audio recordings outside of this program. They were created to be exclusive and they shall remain that way. 

This training is yours free when you order The Letter System today.
BONUS #4. OTS LIVE Sales Page Example Writings
When I was first building this program, I had a few promotions coming up that I needed to write sales copy for.
Instead of hoarding the experience all to myself, I recorded each step of the way, talking through my thought process and giving you full access to how I write sales letters that generate hundreds of thousands in sales for myself. 
Being able to watch a professional sales letter writer do their work was one of the turning points for me personally. It opened my mind to what the process looked like, felt like, and how to think like a successful writer. 
I look forward to sharing this with you also. 
Normally, $495, yours free when you order today!
What The Letter System 
Will Do For You
Here's what we'll do together when your purchase The Letter System: 

1. You'll learn how to write letters just like this one that turns strangers into sales without any human input or interaction once it's written 

2. You'll learn how to sell these letters to clients who are willing to pay $1,000 - $3,000 TO START for letters as simple as the one you are reading right this second 

3. I'll show you how to turn these skills into a long term business (I've been doing this for 10 years and it just keeps getting better and better out there) 
Oh Yeah… Almost Forgot! 
This Is A 100% Risk Free Purchase
Let’s keep it simple shall we? 

You’ve got 30 days after you purchase this program to give it a good and honest try. 

If, for whatever reason, you aren’t happy with it, reach out to my support team on or before the 30-day mark, and my 100% money-back guarantee will be there for you to use. 

No questions. 

No gimmicks. 

I only ask that you give it an honest try and take your investment seriously because what I’ve put into this program can and will change your life… if you put in the work. 
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