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If you want the freedom of Freelancing as quickly and simply as possible, here's how…
How To Get Clients Who Pay You Monthly Recurring Income... Without Needing To Sell Yourself Online Or Do ANY Marketing
NEW METHOD: After 2 months of experimentation with a small group of willing test students, I’ve discovered a new way to get "clients" without prospecting, marketing, or doing any sales calls
Dear friend,
If you’ve ever dreamed of living the “freelancer freedom lifestyle” but squirm at the thought of client-getting or are tired of the constant juggling of responsibilities to keep your business afloat (taxes, marketing, fulfillment, etc.)… 

… or you’re struggling to find peaceful profits in your business through consistent and regular client work… 

… or you’d just like to find clients who are willing to pay you the same, predictable amount of money month after month (and even offer benefits like paid time off or free healthcare)... 

… I’d like to share with you a recent experiment I’ve been running (in secret) with a small group of students during which we discovered a new way to:
To explain exactly what it is that I’ve been up to these past few months, lemme share with you some of our results from the experiment: 
Why We Were Forced To Redesign 
A Brand New Way To Freelance
About two months ago I put together a small group of people to beta test a new method of freelancing.

Our goal was this: 

Find the easiest, most simple path for landing consistent clients WITHOUT having to do ANY marketing. Bonus points if the clients paid monthly recurring fees with long-term contracts. 

The ultimate goal was to help these students do a little bit of work upfront, but then have the rest of their entire year booked in full with monthly retainer clients who signed long term contracts. 


Because I’ve been doing No Pants now for 2.5 years and the #1 struggle I see with 90% of the people we work with is: 

They struggle to consistently market themselves. 

They’ll send a few cold emails for a few days in a row… then quit. 

They’ll build an email list and email it for a few weeks… then quit. 

They’ll try FB ads for a few days… then quit. 

Etc. etc. etc. 

Or worse… 

They’ll get into the “Success Circle Of Pain” which goes like this: 

Step 1. Work your booty off to get clients

Step 2. Land a bunch o’ clients 

Step 3. Stop prospecting for more clients because you are too busy serving the clients you have 

Step 4. Client projects dry up and oh-crap-I-need-rent-money 

Step 5. Work your booty off even more to get clients while trying to juggle the work you have with the remaining clients from the initial burst of client getting 

Again and again the cycle continues until you’re burned out and hate what you’ve built as a business. 

From my vantage point as chief troublemaker here in No Pants land, I see good people failing to live the Freelance lifestyle dream all the time because of marketing. 

And I get it! 

Marketing is NOT natural. It’s hard. It doesn’t always work the first time. You have to go out of your way to put yourself out there to strangers. 

There’s issues with confidence, self-talk, habits, procrastination, fear et. etc. etc. etc. It’s a lot to deal with all at once while also trying to perform and deliver for the clients you do get. 

On a to-do list, for most people, “marketing myself to people I don’t know” is at the very bottom. 

It’s like speed dating, only worse because… if you don’t impress anyone you can’t pay your rent! 

So, if you’re one of the many Freelancers struggling to stay consistent and balanced with your marketing… keep reading. This whole experiment was for people just like you!
What Happened When 
We Stopped Trying To Get Clients
So, our experiment was all about finding a way to get client work WITHOUT having to do all that marketing stuff. 

We tried EVERYTHING we could and I’m VERY grateful for the students who were willing to go through the beta testing process (it was intense) because at the end of our little experiment here’s what happened… 
Father Lands $8,500/Month Contract 
And Saves His Son’s Life At The Same Time
I’ll never forget the first text that Fritz sent me, it simply said: 

“I’m doing this for my son.” 

What he meant was that he’d been trying to go Freelance full-time for the past 3 years but could never make the leap for one simple reason… healthcare costs were too high. 

You see, Fritz’s son had a life threatening health issue which would have cost more than $3,500/month out of pocket if Fritz decided to quit his day job and lose the insurance he was receiving from his employer. 

In short: Fritz wanted the flexibility and freedom to be with his son, but the cost of insurance and health bills were keeping him stuck.  

So, with that in mind we made a goal to find a client (as quick as humanly possible) that would: 

It was a tall order, but we managed to pull it off by tapping into a little known source of clients that I’ll tell you more about in a second. 

The end result is what I’m most proud of though because: 
The best part of this all: Fritz is able to live a flexible life, there for his son whenever he needs him. 

But Fritz wasn’t the only one….
Foster Mom Inspires Her Kids, Helps Her Husband Reduce His Working Hours, And Lands Her First Retainer Contract All In Less Than 72 Hours
Samantha first came into this experiment SUPER shy, very little confidence in herself, and almost no idea HOW she was going to make Freelancing work for her. 

She was also desperate to make it work (PRO TIP: Hunger for results matters and makes a difference). 

Her husband worked 60+ hours a week because they needed his overtime pay to meet their monthly bills. Why? 

Because Samantha and her husband were foster parents to a growing family. 

Samantha’s #1 goal was flexibility and being able to help her husband spend more time at home.

Like Fritz, she wanted consistency in income. She was already so mentally and emotionally consumed with being a successful foster parent that she just couldn’t imagine trying to balance the constant churn of new client getting. It just wasn’t an option for her. 

Within 72 hours of following my advice she landed a client who has locked her in for a 6 month contract with a guaranteed weekly payout. 

The best part? 

It’s with a company that serves the foster parenting community. This didn’t happen by accident, we purposefully designed it into the experiment. 

Her husband has since moved his weekly work week back to a more reasonable 35 hours a week and they’ve all continued to work on growing their family together.
7 Year Freelancing Veteran Gets Off The Feast & Famine Income Roller Coaster For The First Time And Raises Her Rates By 30% With Consistent Client Work 
While both Samantha and Fritz were in the beginning of their Freelancing careers, I had to know whether or not these methods would work for someone more experienced. 

Luckily, Sarah decided to join us in “the experiment” and bring her 7 years of full-time Freelancing experience to the table. 

Here’s what happened with her: 
She went from a hectic average of $4,000/month juggling multiple client projects, spending hours each week marketing herself, to a more calm $6,500/month with just one client who provides consistent work AND amazing benefits. 

Curious about what it was that we “discovered” which made such a huge difference? 

The Secret To “No Marketing” Client Getting Is Knowing Where To Find Clients Who Are Searching For YOU!
3 months ago, I read an article which mentioned this little morsel of insight: 

The tech company Zapier pays its employees more than $10,000 to “de-locate” from their central office in San Francisco and become full-time remote workers. 

Then I read in another article that: 
Then I started seeing things like this:
I started poking around and found remote jobs like this:
Multiple 6-figure remote working opportunities kept popping up daily. 

I saw jobs for writers, designers, tech folks, managers, financial smarties, operations specialists etc. etc. etc. and on and on and on. 

Basically, if it could be done through the computer, internet, or a phone… there was a high paying remote job out there from a company in desperate need for GOOD PEOPLE to fill it. 

SIDENOTE: Most of the job listings I put on this page cost the company money to post. In other words: These were potential clients PAYING to tell the world that they needed help. That, as they say, is what opportunity looks like. 

The conclusion I made was an obvious one: 

There’s enough demand for potential work from companies trying to “go remote” that you don’t have to market yourself if you don’t want to! 

In fact, you could USE remote work as a single source in more than one way as a Freelancer! 

The demand for workers was there… it was just a matter of figuring out HOW to land those opportunities and make them fit within the Freelancer model. 

3 Ways To Use This “Loophole” To Grow Your Freelancing Business
When most people see “Remote Work” all they hear is: “Go get a job working for someone else, but do it at home.” 

And that’s where most people stop, but me being me (always looking for a way to draw outside the lines), I realized that when you drill it down to it’s very essence… 

… “remote jobs” and “Freelancing” were the EXACT. SAME. THING. 

Companies just hadn’t figured it out yet, Freelancers didn’t think to look, and I hadn’t made the connection myself yet so I could tell YOU about it. 

What that means is: 

“Remote jobs” are just clients looking for help. 

And with the right strategies in place, YOU could latch on to their cry for help and… wait for it… HELP THEM in the same way you might do so as a Freelancer. 

It means you can still be your own boss… 

You can still command high fees… 

You can still do things on YOUR terms… 

… as long as you have a strategy for turning that “remote job” posting into a client that works within your desires and needs. 

Lemme give you some examples. 

Here’s 3 ways to use “remote jobs” to grow your Freelancing business: 

       1. Side Income

Maybe you’re: 
Either way, when you realize that companies hiring for “remote work” don’t care how or when you get the job done… you get to control how much or how little you work! 

PLEASE NOTE: It requires a little bit of negotiation to turn most remote jobs into a side income opportunity. If you think you can just join a website that pumps out remote job listings to thousands of email subscribers… you’ll be sadly disappointed when the company rejects your application. More on this later in the letter. 

       2. Stable Income

I’ve said this 1,000,000 times already but it’s worth repeating: 

When your income is inconsistent, you can’t help but be stressed out all the time. 

Even if all you did was turn one remote job into a small, monthly recurring retainer client, that little bit of income consistency could change EVERYTHING for you. No more having to start from “zero” every month, you could cover most of your recurring bills, and you’d even be able to start putting some of that money away for a rainy day (because you know more is coming). 

The most shocking thing to me about the experiment that we ran was how easy it was to turn these “remote jobs” into monthly retainers. Frankly, many of our students reported that the company was happily surprised by the methods we used to negotiate the retainer contracts. 

HINT: It’s all about understanding what the company hiring for a remote position really want and then giving it to them as easy-for-them as possible. 

       3. Full-Time Income

This is what most people think of when they think “remote job”. 

It’s working for a single company, giving yourself exclusively to serving and helping them grow their business, and getting paid a full-time salary + benefits. 

To be honest, in the past I would say to AVOID this, but… 

… ever since I ran the experiment and saw how much some people FLOURISHED when they didn’t have to worry about client getting, juggling multiple projects, etc…

… my opinion has changed. 

For some people, this ^^^ is the best possible way for them to create peaceful profits, live a flexible lifestyle, and still get paid well. 

But what’s even more important… 

… I believe that this could be used a powerful stepping stone for those struggling right now financially. 

Step 1. Get a full-time remote job that offers flexibility and consistent pay 

Step 2. Work on growing your business on the side during the “off” hours 

Step 3. When the time is right, transition from full-time “job” with that company and turn them into one of your clients in your newly established business 

Either way, there’s a LOT of things you can do with the remote work revolution that you maybe hadn’t considered before. It truly is an opportunity ripe for the harvest.
As A Business Owner Of More Than 10 Years (Running 3 Separate Businesses) I Know What Gets A Business Excited to Pay Someone Well
I’ve been on both sides of the table.

I’ve been the “unemployable” person who figured out how to provide immense value to businesses as a Freelancer.

I’ve also been the business owner looking to hire someone who was genuinely capable of creating results, and not just looking good on paper.

So I know what turns a hiring manager off, and what gets them excited to open up the company pocket book because I’ve hired using my own personal money more times than I can count. 

I also know what makes them so desperate to hire you, the perfect person for their problem, that they’ll gladly pay you whatever you need.

That’s why I am SOOOO excited to be sharing with you a brand new course to help you take the “remote job” revolution and use it to grow your Freelancing business with more peaceful profits and a calm, consistent approach to income getting. 
Introducing: “Remote Freedom”
How To Become A Clientless Freelancer
In this new course I want to show you: 
Specifically, we’ll cover:
Remote Freedom is the culmination of all my expertise and experience as both a business owner AND a Freelancer (plus the insights gained from our 2 month experiment) which is why I’m so confident it will work for you. 

Because when you purchase today you’ll have...
Everything You Need To Tap Into The “Remote Work Revolution” And Get What You Want Without Marketing
Not just training.

Not just theory or information.

But the exact same tools and processes I used to help Fritz, Samantha, and Sarah (plus the other experiment participants) find the freedom they craved with the security they needed to provide for their families.

There are templates, worksheets, tutorials, and checklists for everything you need, from A to Z of the remote job-getting process.

In addition to the complete, step-by-step walkthrough from “no real skills” to highly compensated and completely time and location independent, when you purchase Remote Freedom today you’ll get:

PLUS: Advanced Masterclasses and Tools To Help You Stand Out and Command Better Pay + Perks
I’m going all out and throwing in some extra, advanced tools and strategies you can use to accelerate your remote job search when you buy today:

Bonus #1: Daily Checklist for Success

The fastest way to get results is to take powerful, consistent action and trust the process.

That’s why I’m including a Daily Battle Plan that maps the path to your dream remote job and keeps you moving day after day toward your goals - without getting overwhelmed.

This Battle Plan includes a break down of the daily tasks you need to be completing each day to see fast results and land the flexible remote job offer of your dreams.

You’ll never feel lost, uncertain, or confused as to what you should be doing to get the fastest possible results. It’s all outlined in the battle plan, and all you need to do is trust the process and follow through.

($297 Value)

Bonus #2: Remote Resume Restructure Masterclass

Landing a remote gig takes some special considerations, especially when you’re turning a traditional in-house role into a remote opportunity.

That’s why I’m including this advanced masterclass to help you create a resume that stands out, demonstrates your most desirable skills in the best way possible way, and lands you remote job offers.

You’ll learn where to focus your attention for the most impact, what sections are critical for success when gunning for a remote role, and the specific language you need to be using to clearly communicate the value you bring to the table because of your remote capabilities, not in spite of them.

($397 Value)

Bonus #3: Advanced Negotiation Tactics Mini-Course

This is how you get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want.

Inside this mini-course I’ll give you the tools and strategies you need to land extra perks, like increased pay.

One of my beta students was able to land a 30% increase on the compensation package she was originally offered by putting these simple, but advanced tactics into play.

After going through this mini-course, you’ll be able to sit at the negotiation table feeling confident and secure…

… and walk away with the “nice-to-have’s” that make your life that much better, like Fritz’s top-of-the-line healthcare insurance.

($497 Value)

FAST ACTION BONUS: Be One Of The First 25 Purchasers I’ll Send You 25+ Remote Job Leads For FREE!
What Remote Freedom Will Do For You
Here’s what we’ll do together when you purchase Remote Freedom today:
And when we’re finished you’ll have genuine freedom and flexibility that looks and feels like this:
Get The Freelancer Income And Lifestyle 
Without The Marketing And Client Getting
Today, I’m offering you something a little different, something a little more like a pause or a stepping stone.

I want to give you a new way of finding peaceful profits. 

One that pays more than you need to cover the bills.

One that gives you complete control over your time.

One that you only have to negotiate once but you get paid over and over and over again for.

Consider what would it feel like to never have to chase another client again - unless you really wanted to.

Imagine never having to send another cold email or message again - unless you really wanted to.

Never having to “put yourself out there” or “be visible”, and receive the hate or flack that often comes with that - unless you really wanted to. 

With Remote Freedom you’ll have everything you need to make that a reality. 
This Might Be The Client Getting Solution
You’ve Been Looking For
You could be like another of the students from September’s secret experiment:

When Alma M. joined our secret experiment, she was on the verge of giving up on her freelancing dreams.

She desperately wanted to quit her job and find a positive way to support missions she cared about instead of lining a greedy corporations pockets and navigate toxic office culture.

Her biggest problem: getting herself out into the market and selling herself online.

Alma struggled with client-getting activities that forced her into put herself out there, and face the sometimes harsh rejections, criticism, and conflict that come with being visible in a space full of anonymity and zero consequences.

It paralyzed her, and she had almost resigned herself to staying stuck in the high-pressure, aggressive, and negative job she hated.

Instead, I took her current skills and repackaged them into a presentation that remote hiring companies wouldn’t be able to resist, focusing on what she wanted and needed from her work.

A few days later she landed a part-time remote job with benefits AND a mission that aligned with her passions and values.

From there she had the space and security she needed to use the skills she’d learned from the Remote Freedom process to land herself a few no-stress Freelancing gigs on the side which are now funding the downpayment savings she needs to buy a home.

She used the Remote Work Revolution to fund her business… mentally, emotionally, and financially. Peaceful profits works. 

Now, she can take all the time she needs to continue building the Freelance business to whatever heights she wants - never having to work with a bad fit, take on work she hates, or market herself if she doesn’t want to.

You can quit your toxic job too, choose how much and when to work, and create space for your passions and interests by giving yourself peace of mind with consistent income and flexibility with the Remote Freedom process too.

Remote Freedom Is Completely Risk Free 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
It took Fritz 6 days to get four dream remote work offers with amazing healthcare benefits using his current freelance skills.

It took Samantha, who believed she had no real or marketable skills at all, 72 hours.

I’m not saying you’ll achieve those same results that quickly because I don’t know what kind of work you’re willing to put into this process. 


I’m giving you 30 Days to put the Remote Freedom method into action, with fool-proof daily action checklists to track and guide your progress PLUS every template, example, and worksheet you could need.

If you follow the process as I outline it, put the work in, document it in your daily checklist, and DON’T land an offer for the high-paying, flexible remote job of your choice in the next 30 days, I’ll refund every penny of your Remote Freedom purchase. 

That’s a guarantee you can trust will help you reach your goal.

If You’re Ready To Start. Click Below To Join.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What if I don’t have any skills?

You do - even if you don’t realize it yet.

The first part of the Remote Freedom process gets you to dig deep and pull out all the “practical” or “common-sense” skills you already have that companies love paying for…

… and then teaches you how to frame and talk about those skills in a way that makes their value clear.

What if I haven’t worked in years?

Our resume building process focuses on highlighting your capabilities and skills as they apply to the work you’re looking to do - not your work experience.

Businesses don’t care about work history as much as they care about tangible results and the right fit.

Inside Remote Freedom I’ll teach you exactly how to position yourself and the value you bring to the table so that your work history, or lack thereof, doesn’t even come into question.

I’ve heard that a lot of “work-from-home” opportunities are scams. How will I know the difference?

I’ll be giving you a complete breakdown of what to look for and how to evaluate the opportunities you find to be sure you’re safe from any scams.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: There are plenty of scams out there claiming to be legit “remote work” jobs. BE. CAREFUL. 

If you join the program, I’ll show you exactly where to look, how to make sure the job is legit, and I’ll even show you how to get your dream company to hire you (aka: how to work with people who share your mission and values). 

I’ll also be showing you the best possible places to look for legitimate opportunities…

… as well as how to create your own opportunities from traditional job offers you find online looking for in-house team members.

I don’t want/can’t work a full-time job. Will this work for me?

Remote Freedom is built to get you the stable, consistent, marketing-free income and benefits that you want - on your terms.

Before you build a resume or reach out to a single business, we define exactly what your terms are going to be and use them to identify the right opportunities for you.

If you only want to work 15-20 hours per week like Samantha, you can find a remote work arrangement that makes it happen.

If you want full-time work and full-stack benefits, you can land a remote job like Fritz did.

If you want part-time work PLUS benefits (something you can almost never get with traditional employment options), you can explore the same options Alma did to end up with exactly that.

If you want to use remote work to stabilize your Freelancing income, you can do that. 

The point is: It’s about figuring out what you want, then going out there and finding it in the real world. I’ll show you how to do both of those things. 

How will I know what to say when it comes to speaking with the clients? (I haven’t interviewed for work in years!)

We’ve got conversation templates and expertise framing exercises to make sure you’re fully prepared to rock every conversation you might have with potential remote work clients…

… and come out with an offer in hand.

You won’t be going this alone. Every step of the way you’ll have all the tools, templates, and strategies you need.

I’m also throwing in the Advanced Negotiation Tactics mini-course to give you the extra oomph you need to get everything you want and more.

I don’t have a resume. Will I need one?

Yes - but we’ll help you build one up from scratch (honestly its easier if you don’t have anything you’re attached to) that highlights and properly positions the value of your skills and how you can help your ideal companies.

I’ve also included plenty of examples and a few tools to help you build eye-catching resumes that stand out in a crowd and get you on the radar of companies who didn’t even know they were looking to hire you.

Isn’t this another J.O.B? I don’t want to work for The Man™.

Depends. Remote work is a whole new beast.

It’s what happens when businesses wise up to the fact that their employees are human beings - not robots - and that by treating them well, they ultimately save a ton of money and reach their goals A LOT faster.

Happy people do better work. Period.

So while you may be saying an exclusive “I do” to a single company (and getting out of the client-getting grind completely), you won’t be donning uncomfortable pants, shoes, and ties from 9-5 with managers breathing down your back.

Remote Freedom is designed to connect you with companies who are searching for YOU… whether that looks and feels like freelancing is entirely up to what YOU want. 

I will say this: 

Some people thrive in a team setting, where they can share a common mission, have a social connection, and be a part of a larger vision. 

Some (like me) prefer to be solo-flyers and thrive on alone time. 

The good thing is that by leveraging the Remote Work Revolution, you can use the available needs that companies are searching for to create your own perfect role. 

I get it. I want it. Where do I sign up? 

Just click this big, easy button and fill out your details on the next page.
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