FREELANCER CASE STUDY: How This Collegiate Running Coach Stumbled His Way Into A $1,000 Per Day Freelancing Business In Less Than 12 Months

What You’re About To See:

Ever wondered what it would be like to never have to worry about money again?

For Peter, his freelance business gives him the ultimate financial freedom to do things like:

- Take two weeks off to completely restore his basement with cash earned from freelancing gigs (it’s a dang nice basement too!)

- Take a week off to sail the eastern coast of the United States and live on a beach in the Bahamas earning more than $250/hour

- Purchase a $5,000 watch, multiple cars and more

Peter is the perfect case study to prove that Freelancing can be both creatively AND financially rewarding. You don’t have to pick one or other, you can have both.

FAIR WARNING: Pete is a bold, audacious, and confident person (thanks to what freelancing has given him). His style might not jive with yours, but I still think hearing his story is important.

It’s why I’ve purposefully included him in this series.

He is a highly successful freelancer with complete control over his own life. He has broken every career stereotype in the book and has turned the No Pants Philosophy of Freelancing into a highly profitable business that will give him years of financial success.

Look past the bravado and what you’ll find are the keys to launching a wildly successful freelancer career FAST!

Pete, The $1,000/day Freelancer
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From college running coach to a $1,000 per day freelancing business in less than 12 months

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