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The Six Figure Freelancer’s 7 Day Year:
How To Get All The Clients You Need For A Stable, Six Figure Year of Freelancing...
In Just 7 Days
“As soon as you plug it in, this brand new system will work on your behalf 366 days of the year, automatically generating new clients and new sales all year long . . .

. . . because it’s based off the same principles I use to regularly add $1,000,000 a year to my client’s businesses.” 

Dear friend, 

You already know that the key to getting real freedom in your freelancing business is getting three, simple pieces in place: 

1. Finding your Superpower
2. Creating an automated client-getting faucet
3. Building packaged knowledge to create passive income

I’m constantly repeating how important these three steps are because it really is that simple.

After all when you started freelancing, you did it for the freedom.

You did it for the control.

And you did it to spend your time on the projects and hobbies you truly enjoy and the people you love, instead of wasting your time on “busy-work”.

But now you’re spending more time than ever on the things you don’t want to, and less and less on the work and people you love . . . 

 . . . because consistent new clients are the lifeblood of your business.

Which means the time spent getting clients is the root of your freedom, and so it ends up taking over your top priorities.

How did this happen? 

Well, it’s because you stopped after the very first step. 

You’re still missing 2 critical pillars to create the freedom you’re craving. 

And it’s only possible to get all 3 securely in place when you have an automated system that: 
The “Client Getting Faucet” is what creates the stability you’ve been missing.

It’s what allows you to keep focusing on using your Superpower to help others, instead of getting stuck looking for, and taking, whatever work you can find . . .

 . . . and it’s what allows you to create real leverage in your business by generating passive income. 
But if you’re like most of my students, you get stuck when it comes to building an automated client-getting faucet because . . .
“I Don’t Have Enough Time To Build My Client-Getting Faucet!”
If you have to spend all your time to get clients, the idea of building a client-getting faucet, with all of its individual pieces and parts, feels impossible.

You’re already using every spare hour of the day finding clients, serving them, caring for your family, and keeping yourself in good enough condition to do it all again tomorrow . . .

Even when you decide to put in some “overtime” and get started, eventually you hit a “roadblock” and get stuck. 

Then you run out of spare time. 

You have to default back to a different, faster method of client-getting . . .

 . . . maybe cold outreach, or tapping your networks for referrals. 

Then, a few new clients keep you busy, and the client-getting faucet goes on the back-burner. 

Eventually you get up the time and grit to try it again. 

But you come up on the very same roadblock that tripped you up last time.  

Usually it’s something like . . .
“I Don’t Know Know What To Offer!”
There are so many things you know your ideal clients need help with.

But which one will hit closest to home? 

Which one will stop them in their tracks and catch their attention? 

What idea would be the most effective? 

What angle? 

You don’t have time to constantly be creating and testing new lighthouses or lead magnets. 

You’re losing days just trying to come up with good ideas, let alone figure out which ones would be worth building and testing.

Plus you’re not even sure that the tests you run would turn out trustworthy results because… 
“I Don’t Know How To Write The Most Effective Copy, and I Don’t Have Time To Learn How Either!”
You’re probably not a copywriter.

And even if you are, you’re going to struggle to write copy for yourself. 

It’s hard to sell yourself. 

It’s hard to remove all of the mental barriers, secret fears, and personal ambitions from the picture when it’s time to sell your own services. 

Even top-tier marketers and copywriters hire other marketers and copywriters to help them. 

You’re not alone when you struggle to market yourself effectively, and dread having to “close” new clients . . .

 . . . even when you’re genuinely excited to serve someone and you’re certain you know exactly how to help them. 

And even when you push through all of that, there’s still . . . 
“This Tech Stuff Is Too Complicated!”
I’m not a tech person.

In fact, I outsource anything even remotely tech-related to someone else at the very first opportunity. 

But outsourcing, even to just a lower cost VA, can add up fast . . .

(For a decent VA, for example, you might pay $15/hr for 10 hours a week minimum, which adds up to $1,800 a year to start - and you would still need to provide the directions at that price . . .) 

 . . . and hiring a third-party service to do it all for you is even pricier. 

(I offer done-for you client-getting-faucet to freelancers, and charge at least $25,000 for a one-time set-up . . . ) 

And neither of these options will solve the problem entirely—because you still need to manage the person or team you’ve hired to help you, which just adds more to your plate. 
Then, When You Finally Get To The Most Valuable Piece . . .
“I Don’t Know Know What To Sell!”
You know that the third and final piece is what will transform your freelancing business . . . 

. . . the packaged knowledge. 

Creating passive income streams frees you from trading time for dollars. 

It’s what creates real options in your business and life, which is where freedom comes from. 

It’s what allows you to say no to a project that might be alright, but that doesn’t really excite you. 

And what allows you to turn away clients who aren’t perfectly ideal. 

Just last month I was able to earn almost $50,000 dollars in just 7 days: 
And in 7 days it was done.  

As in, I didn’t just go out and spend 7 days closing enough new contracts to collect that money, but still need to do months’ worth of work to actually earn it. 

I simply put the work in to create a packaged knowledge product, and sold it. 

And I can sell it again, whenever I want or need, to generate more revenue. 

That’s real freedom - that’s leverage. 

And when you do it in your freelance business, packaged knowledge is what allows you to reliably double your effective hourly rate . . . 

 . . . and make your freedom number a reality. 

Which also gives you the freedom to cut your working hours in half, if that’s what you want. 

But how do you get it right? 

What do you sell? 

This is what trips up almost every freelancer when you’re going through this process . . . 

 . . . and where so many freelancers stall out. 

Because you’ve been a service provider until now, and making that mental switch isn’t as easy as it sounds. 

There’s some emotional and mental baggage to work through too . . . 

And creating and putting your packaged knowledge out there is not easy as easy as just focusing on getting more clients instead, making working a few extra hours per week instead, and doing what you know and what feels safe. 

At least, it wasn’t until now. 
Trade Just 7 Days For A Complete Client-Getting Faucet,
From Start To Finish.
I’ve spent the past year and a half developing the answer to the client-getting faucet struggle.

An answer that will not only help you build the client-getting faucet itself . . .

. . . but that completes all three steps of the ideal freelance business. 

It’s a single solution that provides: 

1. Your superpower 
2. Your client-getting faucet
3. And your packaged knowledge

All in as few as 7 short days, because it’s completely “done-for-you”.
Introducing: 366 Days Of Done-For-You Client Getting
The Complete Client-Getting Faucet “In A Box”
This is NOT a course.

I already teach you how to build client-getting faucets inside The No Pants Project, and some of the other high-level coaching programs I offer. 

Instead, this is an entire client-getting faucet PRE-BUILT, that you simply “fill-in-the-blanks” to make your own, and start running ASAP. 

This is a TOOLSET for anyone who is ready to start automating their client getting asap.  

Actually . . . 

 . . . it’s 3 complete client-getting faucets, from lighthouse to booked discovery call thank you page, for 3 of the most common freelancing paths I see my students choose: 

1. The Copywriter 
2. The Content Writer or Content Director
3. The Social Media Ad Writer or Strategist

Which means that if you haven’t found your superpower yet, you can simply choose one of the three provided. 

PLUS I specifically designed these client-getting faucet templates and roadmaps to work as templates you can customize for any other service you might offer . . . 

. . . so if you already have your superpower figured out and it doesn’t fall into one of these 3 categories, you can still use these “done-for-you” client-getting faucets. 

When you purchase 366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting today you’ll get: 
366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting gives you a complete, custom client-getting faucet “in a box” . . .

 . . . including your packaged knowledge products. 

All you need to do is some simple, step-by-step assembly of the pre-built pieces, and add in your own personal touches. 

Once you do, you’ll have everything you need to never chase a single client in 2020 PLUS add a passive income stream to your business . . .

 . . . and spend the new year enjoying all the time you’ve taken back for yourself, your family, and your clients. 
Only 100 Freelancers Will Get Everything You Need to Get Your Client-Getting Funnel Running In As Few As 7 Days
 . . . For Just $495
No fluff.

And no $25,000 DFY price tag - which is what I normally charge to help freelancers build their client-getting funnels. 

This is a soup-to-nuts implementation package for fast, DFY client-getting faucet builds. 

It has every single piece of a great client-getting faucet already built for you, including the ones that trip you up and slow you down—like lighthouses, sales pages, and packaged knowledge. 

Which is why I’m only releasing this to 100 freelancers before I close it down. 

I’ve gotta protect the effectiveness of the templates inside by not flooding the market with them. 

I designed 366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting to minimize the distractions, roadblocks, and mental obstacles most of my students run into when trying to build a functional client-getting faucet . . . 

 . . . so that you can get it done quickly, turn it on, and enjoy peaceful profits as well as all the freedom you set out to find as a freelancer. 

That’s why it doesn’t include all the theory, video lessons, and worksheets I usually include in my products. 

Instead you’ll: 
PLUS: Templated Tools and Guides to Build Up Your Passive Income and Offer High-Ticket, In-Demand Services To Clients
Once you’ve got a client-getting faucet built, you’ll have even more ways to maximize the leverage you gain.

That’s why I’m including two bonuses to make your purchase today as cost-effective and impactful as possible 

Bonus #1: The Email Writing Toolkit  

If you’re looking to build up your passive income as fast as possible then emailing your new list is exactly what you need. 

This is how you ramp up your passive income stream and tap your audience for clients . . .

. . . even if you turn your client-getting faucet off

Which means you can create extra leverage in your business by selling more often, and increase it by reducing your marketing expenses at the same time. 

The Email Writing Toolkit includes some of my highest performing templates, including: 
All of which means you don’t need to recreate the wheel, or spend years studying copywriting, to start generating sales and clients with emails you write in 20 minutes or less.

Bonus #2: 366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting As A Service 

This is a complete guide on how to take all the pre-built, fill-in-the-blank assets you’re about to get and use them to create add an in-demand, premium service in your own business. 

Being able to generate new clients for business is always in demand (just scroll through your FB newsfeed to see all the ads making this promise) and I’ll share exactly what you need to know to land retainer clients at $5k/month or more . . .

 . . . to start. 

Even if you’re not ready to build your own client-getting faucet, just by getting just two clients to say yes to this service, you’ll become a six figure freelancer . . .

. . . and if you use this service for yourself, you can have 5-7 new clients coming your way every month—which is $25k-35k per month. 

Knowing how to build functioning client-getting faucets is a high-value skill that is always in high demand . . .

 . . . because every growing business is looking for more, and more efficient, ways to find new leads, make more sales, and continue growing. 
FAST ACTION BONUS: First 25 To Purchase Will Receive A Never Before Released Set of Client-Getting Email
Templates, Completely Free
Keep these in your back pocket in case of emergency (Remember: the most dangerous number in business is one!), adapt them for your daily email strategy, or use them in a client-getting service you provide for others.

It never hurts to have more than one way to get clients, and these templates are brand new and proven to be effective in the market as we head into 2020, when so many other templates and outreach advice are reaching their expiry dates. 
Here’s What 366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting Will
Do For 100 Freelancers:
1. You’ll get fill-in-the-blank templates for every single piece of your client-getting faucet, from lighthouse to packaged knowledge . . . 

2. You’ll have all the sales copy you’ll need, written by a world-class copywriter responsible for generating millions of dollars in revenue . . . 

3. You’ll be following simple, step-by-step instructions that will allow you to assemble a client-getting faucet in as little as 7 days if you buckle down . . .

4. You’ll create a passive income stream to increase your freelance business profits using the included Packaged Knowledge Starter Kits . . . 

5. You’ll automate your entire client-getting process, attracting more and better clients, and raising your rates as demand increases . . . 

6. You’ll spend 2020 on the parts of your business you love, and the people who mean the most to you, instead of worrying about where your next client is coming from . . . 

And for the first time in your freelancing career, you’ll be truly free to spend your time exactly how you want to, work on the projects you’re most passionate about, and prioritize your family the way you’ve been wanting to since you first started your business. 
Put The Free Back In Freelancer By Creating Leverage In 
Your Business So You Can Earn More and Work Less
Leverage isn’t just about taking back your time.

It’s about increasing the value of that time . . . without ever putting it up for sale. 

It’s about earning for the value of the results you create, instead of the time you spend. 

It’s about creating space for you to do your best work, serve at the highest levels, create even better results . . .  

 . . . and ultimately continue increasing the value you provide without increasing the time you spend to make it. 

Because until you are able to stop trading your time for money . . . including the time you spend looking for clients . . . you’re limited in how much you can make. 

Which means it’s much harder to hit the six-figure mark. 

But when you build leverage into your business with packaged knowledge products (using the “done-for-you” packaged knowledge kits you’ll get today) . . .  

 . . . and disconnect what you earn from the time you spend to earn it . . . 

 . . . scaling your business to six figures becomes a simple numbers game. 

A client-getting faucet is the key you’ve been missing to creating true freedom in your freelancing business. 

And 366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting gets your client-getting-faucet up and running in as little as 7 days. 
If You Struggle With Cold Outreach, This Is The Solution You’ve Been Waiting For
When you need to chase clients, there are a lot of hurdles that can trip you up . . .
 . . . and a lot of them are internal.

It takes willpower and effort to put yourself out there again and again, day after day.
Each rejection saps your confidence and causes you to doubt your value . . .

 . . . which actually drives away your ideal clients and attracts low-level, stressful clients in their place.

An inbound client-getting system breaks that negative cycle, helps you build your confidence, raise your rates, deliver greater and greater results, and leave the scarcity mentality a lot of freelancers struggle with behind.

With 366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting, you have everything you need to break free and achieve your freelancing goals.

 366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting Works For You Or You Don’t Pay
Almost forgot!

I stand behind every product I create, and this one is no different. 

When you buy 366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting today, you’ll get a pre-built, client-getting asset you can have up and running in as little as 7 days (just in time to start the New Year off right!) . . . 
 . . . one that takes all the stress off your shoulders, lets you spend your time how you want to, do the work you love, and prioritize being with the people who mean the most to you . . .  

 . . . or I’ll buy it back from you. 

All I ask is that you follow the guides and templates included, put the work in, and give it a fair shake. 

If after 30 days you’re not thrilled to have your client-getting handled for the entire year of 2020, I’ll give you your money back. 
 Ready To Join 99 Other Freelancers Breaking Free From
The Client-Chase In 2020?
Click Here.
I’m not exaggerating when I say that this page could be closed down at any time.

I’m serious about making sure these DFY client-getting faucet builds stay as effective as possible . . .  

 . . . which means I need to limit how many people are using them at any given time. 

That’s why my team is standing by to pull the plug as soon as the 100th buyer clears the system. 

After that, I have no idea when I’ll offer something like this again. 

So if you’re ready to have clients chasing you, instead of the other way around . . . 

 . . . if you’re tired of never knowing where or when you’ll find your next client . . . 

 . . . and you’re sick of dealing with clients who don’t appreciate or value you properly . . .  

 . . . I highly recommend you take this opportunity now. 


P.S. If this page is still up, there’s still time. 

But that could change at any second. 

As they say, fortune favors the bold. 
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