FREELANCER CASE STUDY: How Kate Went From Scooping Dog Poop For Minimum Wage To Earning $100/Hour While Taking A 6 Week Vacation In Hawaii With Her Husband

What You’re About To See:

Kate had always dreamed of becoming a writer (she even got a masters degree in it), but the only job she could get was scooping poop at the local animal shelter. 

With her creative spirit pushing her to follow her passion, she took on her first freelancing writing clients… and it was a disaster. She earned less than minimum wage, never slept, and ended up getting sick for an entire year from the stress. 

Thankfully, she implemented the No Pants Philosophy of Freelancing and went from Freelancer Prison to complete Freelancer Freedom in less than a year. 

In this case study, you’ll even hear how she made more than $100/hour while her and her husband took a 6-week vacation to Hawaii (and how she jumped right back into full-time freelancing afterwards).

Kate, Digital Nomad & $100/hour Freelancer

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