FREELANCER CASE STUDY: How This Shy (But Creative) Woman Increased Her Freelancing Income More Than 416% With Reliable, Monthly Retainers From High Paying Clients 

What You’re About To See:

Ingrid wanted to support her husband through medical school but struggled to get consistent client work as a General Virtual Assistant.

Dissatisfied with repetitive grunt work, and wanting better flexibility and control, she leveraged her “Freelancer Super Power” into a 6 figure per year freelancing business built ENTIRELY on monthly, predictable payments from her clients.

Now, she comfortably supports her husband’s medical studies while working on passion projects that support her creativity and let her live the No Pants Lifestyle!

Ingrid, 6 Figure Freelancer

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To support her husband through medical school, Ingrid turned her creativity into a 6 figure per year freelancing business with predictable, monthly income.

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